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I have met an angel and my life will never be the same

liobi asked:
Hey demi-anon, superqueer here. Just dropping by to let you know that it's okay if you feel like your gender "doesn't fit" or you just don't really identify with it, and you don't think that there's a label out there that describes you. I'm going to let you in on a little secret. Labels are something you use to give other people basically a cliff notes about what they should know about you as a person. If you don't really feel comfortable using one, that's perfectly fine, you're a unique person!

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Anonymous asked:
Part 1 Hi, Ty, um I have a question about demigenders ie demigirl(lady/woman/etc)/demiboy(man/gent/etc). I am DFAB and I've always been comfortable with stereotypical "feminine" clothes and my secondary sex characteristics but I've never felt like a girl? Gosh I am rambling, um do you know of any first hand accounts of demigirls telling their stories about gender? I just don't know how to explain how I feel about my gender without feeling hypocritical because I am DFAB because I (continued)

part 2 don’t feel like I am trans or non-binary and I feel like a fraud for even considering trying to explore that aspect of myself so late in life especially when I have genderfluid friends and trans friends who were like aha! when they found the gender they “fit” under when they were like in their early teens. I just don’t want to be considered an antagonist, I guess. Sorry, to bother you thank you for your time. I hope everything is going well in your life and that you continue to be a star!

Hey, sorry for the late reply! I’m assuming you sent this because I had reblogged this photoset, yeah? Because if that’s so, I’m sorry to say I hadn’t heard of demigirl or demiguy until that point, so I don’t know of any first-hand experiences :(

With any identity though, I think there are things you can learn from them, even if there’s no “aha!” eureka moment. Identities exist to help you, and as long as your id doesn’t silence someone else’s voice, then I think you’re golden. It doesn’t matter how late in life you find it, it’s not like the things we discover in our teens are always set in stone, anyway.

If I come across any demigender resources, I’ll be sure to reblog them!

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Anonymous asked:
hey im the anon with the interfaith friendship, i took your advice and buried the hatchet. whilst the exchange did surprise me she is one of my closest friends and i value our friendship greatly so i'll just avoid that topic from now on. thanks for your help, i was panicking and thought i had lost a friend. so cheers again :)

Really happy to hear it dude! I hope you two were able to reach a good conclusion/compromise :)

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Anonymous asked:
I hope this isn't weird but um, I am bigender and my disphoria has been absolutely horrid lately. I realized that I feel more comfortable when I retain an androgynous-leaning-towards-masculine appearance. However I'm dfab. I've been using ace bandages to bind but I know they are terrible, plus I'm naturally a d-cup (sorry tmi). Is there any way you, or your followers, can tell me where to find cheaper binders? I don't have a lot of money to spend right now but I need to do something.

I don’t know how much money you have to spare right now, but I’ve heard Underworks sells really good compression shirts that can be used for binding (you can find them here). They’re all generally above $15 to under $40, but might be worth the investment. Be sure to read the reviews, there are very helpful guides from ftms and others.

Followers: if anyone has old binders they are willing to sell or give away, please reblog or comment so anon knows who to contact

Anon: please keep track of the notes, and if you find anything online you would really like but are short on cash, please contact me off anonymous and we can see if I can help you buy and send it to you

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I wish that people would understand the problem when they compare our queer female OCs to their hyper-feminine “anime” male characters as if the struggles of having their OCs misgendered is the same.

Think about this: The threshold/standard at which people judge a woman’s femininity is incredibly different than a boy’s.

To draw a male character feminine enough to where he is mistaken for female, you have to consciously add an exceptional amount of “feminine qualities” to him before people misgender him. There are men IRL that fall into the androgynous to feminine side of the spectrum, but most artists of this type do not do it accurately and are more influenced by bishonen and yaoi than any real queer man. (But that’s another topic entirely.)

For girls, the bar is extremely different; If she shows hints of something other than stark femininity, her gender is questioned. Her hair is too short, she has no eyelashes, her chest and butt aren’t big enough, her waist isn’t small enough, if she’s not wearing frills, pink, and lace, if her cleavage isn’t visible. This is the same IRL as it is for online / fictitious characters, whereas this type of male character is almost exclusively fictitious.

Typically, someone creates a really feminine boy— I’m talking archetype bishonen and shota extremes, down to cross-dressing, extremely feminine mannerisms, sexuality, everything; which is most often what I see in these comparisons— and then vehemently insist they are male when they’re misgendered and refuse to acknowledge them as trans, gender-queer, genderfluid, or non-binary (though doing so may not make this any less problematic if there is a lack of understanding.)

There was a conscious effort to make them qualify for being misgendered, whereas female characters can be questioned and policed for the smallest of things. I’m not talking about exceptionally masculine female characters designed deliberately in contrast either, it’s a woman’s gender being policed as a whole.

Everyone will be misgendered to male first by default. So if a woman is not actively staying hyper-feminine, she’s trying to be something other than the subordinate gender and needs to be policed back into it. “They’d look better/”read better” as “a girl” if they had more curves/longer hair/softer features/bigger eyes/bigger boobs.” It’s micro-aggression. It’s an act to keep girls in that gender segregated binary. It also makes it twice a difficult for MtFs to pass or be recognized as women.

Comparing inaccurate portrayals of gender variant/queer boys and men as yaoi bishonens/shotas to our queer female character’s gender policing is unfair. I am not saying one can’t enjoy them or this particular genre as a whole, because they have EVERY right to enjoy what they please— but these issues of the LGBTQIA community have nothing to do with the yaoi OR YURI “culture” and it’s a problematic mindset to have.

#yaoi and yuri culture #are not lbgtqia culture #again a reminder #it’s ok to like thing #as long as you recognize its problems #and don’t assume things are the same #for real life people.

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thelibrandy asked:
I'm sorry, but you and your partner are not allowed to be so adorable, it's positively illegal. (Wow so cute, I think I have a cavity)

I’m sorry, but TyBee insurance doesn’t cover dental

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Anonymous asked:


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overlordjaime asked:
ARE YOU AWARE YOU ARE NOW DATING A MAGICAL GIRL? Because I'm like 300% sure that you are!

I’ve always been dating a magical girl, you just finally saw her transformation >:)

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i would prefer flash on my photos but it’s either look grainy and natural or look like a wall-eyed ghost sO



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i see u

U G H cutie

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Lol That’s okay! You can still befriend the avatar and save the world uwu!

I hope I get to hook up with a hot deadpan chick who fights with knives and snark

Bee do you own knives? You got the rest down pat



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Anonymous asked:
Where would i be without your wicked awesome sense of fashion?

LMAO I’m sure you’d be fine and still kicking ass ;)

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eorii replied to your photo:I dishonored my nation so the topknot is gone. …
Lol That’s okay! You can still befriend the avatar and save the world uwu!

I hope I get to hook up with a hot deadpan chick who fights with knives and snark

Bee do you own knives? You got the rest down pat

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I dishonored my nation so the topknot is gone.

Just kidding, Eid Mubarak everyone!
It’s time for a new start, even if that makes me look like a boot camp loser.

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