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The Art of Self Care
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I have met an angel and my life will never be the same


Tera “Volt” Hyde, daughter of Mr. Hyde

Francine Jekyll, daughter of Dr. Jekyll


Inspired by Freaky Fusion, these two were the answer to a “Monster Swap” question: What if Frankie was the daughter of Jekyll and Hyde?

This was super fun, mostly a matter of deciding which motifs would be split up. 


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Still feeling a little under the weather but thankfully it hasn’t effected my muse! Have some sketches featuring Elliel and Naelia (the three bottom ones are old sob, please forgive)

Ellie’s smug face is based on the Kazakh model Aya Sarbassova , and Nay’s is based on Amanda Seyfried.

[Elliel belongs to me, Naelia belongs to Bee]

My favorite combination is puberty + height reversals….

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What You Need:  A reference of each character or well written description with brief summary of personality.  Image type and style you want, pose/brief description of what you want, including if wanting a background or animation.  Please state if this will be NSFW.  A valid PayPal address and working email or tumblr address where you can be contacted at. I reserve the right to decline commissions intended for commercial use.

What I Will Not Draw:

Furries, excessive violence, child abuse/molestation, anything that advocates suicide, and racism in any form.  If I am not comfortable drawing something you want I will inform you prior to accepting commission or payment.  I will do fan-art only with adequate references.

Prices: Approximations based on time of completion and complexity of subject.  If prices vary I will let you know before payment.  PayPal only, you pay fees for services, nonnegotiable.  Half payment upfront and the rest at finish. You will receive a print-ready 300xResolution and web-friendly version of the image unless pixel-art.

Slots: I will open 5 spaces at a time. If you have any questions or would like to commission me message me here on tumblr or email me at needtoscribble@gmail.com. 

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Art is hard and you never cease to learn something new everyday. There is no artist that hasnt encountered a wall, dont turn around, climb it. Believe you can.

I think i’m gonna cry

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Hey everyone!

Even though I have a job that gives me decent hours, I’m still finding that after bills and such I’m coming up short on food money at the end of the month. c’: Corie and I are scraping by on basically eggs and dollar store vegetarian chorizo for protein after our second paychecks are gobbled up by rent and utilities. I’d sign up for food stamps but my promotion bumped me over the maximum for wages. Moving to SoCal put a lot of strain on my credit cards and two of them are basically maxed out, so on top of paying rent, utilities, and car payment, I also have several thousand dollars of card debt I’m trying to pay down whose minimum payments have gone up. Also things like gas for my car, food, and other necessities. I make just barely enough to not qualify for food stamps and it’s pretty awful cause I still can’t afford to keep good food on my table. I’m not even paying for my phone or my car insurance yet; my parents are incredibly gracious people and are taking care of those bills until I can afford it myself.

SO I’m offering commissions!

I’d love to have enough money at the end of the month to be able to make another trip to the store to buy more than just a carton of eggs and some chorizo and beans sob. It doesn’t need to be a full grocery trip but.

Please help me orz

Drawing is the only thing I’m good at and I’m even going to stream the process of your commission so you can come watch me do it and tell me if something’s not to your liking as it’s made!

Thanks a million and signal boost if you would! <3


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孙盛希 (Shi Shi) - Yes, I Do

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Need to go on another break from advice messages


My physical and mental health have been sorta weird lately, more under the cut

TW: for blood, menstruation, mentions of cancer

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Just a little update, thank you everyone so, so much for the good thoughts, prayers, and wishes. It meant and still means so much to me.

The weekend was much better than the previous couple months, the prescription has been helping a lot and I have so much more energy. I scheduled a follow up appointment with my doc for the 10th, so we’ll see how it goes!

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Anonymous asked:
-hugs- Hang in there Naf. Take as much time as you need for yourself. I'll keep you in my prayers <3

Thank you anon, that means a lot to me :’)

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I'm sorry to hear about your health problems. I hope you end up having something not so serious. Please look after yourself.

I really hope so too, here’s to hoping! And thank you so much, I’m going to be very careful about myself for the next few weeks until I know what it is

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Need to go on another break from advice messages

My physical and mental health have been sorta weird lately, more under the cut

TW: for blood, menstruation, mentions of cancer

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Any special plans for Halloween?

Not really, I usually just pass out candy.
But if you guys want me to try to dress up like anyone I will do my best lmao

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OHMYGOD you were in a production of Les Mis!?!?!?!?!?!?! Who'd you play?

OH LMAO, it was just a high school production, and I was in the orchestra.
Sorry if I got your hopes up!

(if I COULD play a character though I’d choose Javert)

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Anonymous asked:
Hi! Uhm, I wanna know your opinion to what I am thinking. Lately I have been scrutinizeing all the diffrent sexualitys and stuff and I came to the conclusion, that, to me giving every perference an own name is kind of strange, because I think it is like preferences. It is like colors, if every sexuality would be a color and you would try to name EVERY color you would be dead befor being finished with the greens. I hope you understand what I mean. ^-^´

It’s fine if it’s strange for you, and if you can survive existing with fewer labels, that’s great. But that doesn’t fit everyone’s lifestyle.

Using your color analogy, some people only need red, blue, and green to go about their life happily, but a graphic designer needs pantones, and hexes, and know the difference between CMYK and RBG and print-quality and all this stuff to do their job and get the most out of their work.
Even someone like an elementary school teacher would need a 32-color crayon box set compared to the classic 8-color set for their kids.

Your preferences and opinions shouldn’t stop other people from exploring, and it doesn’t make their exploration any less valuable.

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Hey Ty, I've been wanting to ask this for a while now, but how did you choose your major in art school? (I'm not sure if you've stated before so apologies in advance) And what's your option on SCAD and Ringling? Im thinking about applyying but Im not sure... AHH you're really such a wonderful person and I hope you have a splendid day~ Thanks so much for all that you do! ♡

Ahh my story about my major isn’t very great, since my brother was the one who went to the college first and chose Game Art and Design out of his own personal passion for video games. He ended up with a very nice job doing 3D graphics at a big company (and he’s still there), so my parents thought sending me to the same school (with the same major as him) was a sure-fire way to keep me off the streets with a Fine Art degree.
I’m not upset I went into games, but I really would love to go back to school someday to pursue my actual dreams haha.

Sorry I can’t help with my own personal experiences, BUT to answer your other question, I’ve heard good stuff about SCAD because one of my friends goes there and loves it. It’s a lot of hard work, but what degree isn’t? Haven’t heard about Ringling, so I can’t help you there.
Be sure to check out the school’s high school programs or promotions! They always have people you can talk to :)

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whimsicalscribe asked:
sorry if you're already asked this, but i'm curious. You like Steven Universe, so how do you feel about Gravity Falls? I find they're very similar in quality and both super amazing kids shows!

I’ve been meaning to get into GF! I know a lot of people who really adore both too, and the two mains look frickin’ cute.

I’m just really bad about watching shows since I’m always drawing or busy with work. I only got into SU because Bee dragged me into it LOL
Will have to try to do the same with Gravity Falls eventually…

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