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I have met an angel and my life will never be the same

"Muslim" means "one who submits."

There have been countless people who have asked me why I would choose such a degrading name for my spirituality.
They assume this submission is some kind of lessening of my humanity.
But, to be a “slave” to God is not humiliating as people might assume.

For me, to submit is not a voluntary decision, it’s the natural state of being.

If we, for a moment, replace the word “God” with “the laws of physics,” it would seem completely understandable to say “I cannot live outside the laws of physics,” “I only exist within the laws of physics.” “my body is completely influenced by the laws of physics.”

When I call myself Muslim, I am not willingly submitting to anything— I am simply acknowledging the power of God.
And to me, God is the laws of physics, God is entirety, the universe, creation, destruction, nothingness, substance.
Allah is Great.

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#islam #confessions #muslim #spirituality
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