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Anonymous asked:
Hey Ty!I was wondering: 1) Have you ever had long hair and if yes can you show us a picture? 2) When did you start getting more into men's fashion and wearing it? 3) Have you ever been mistaken for a boy or went cross dressing on purpose to see people's reaction?


1) I had long hair all the way up until like…junior year of high school??


2) I always kinda had a boyish sense of fashion, but it was like…really bad. Baggy as hell clothes and really no taste at all. When I cut my hair, I had a revelation that the label on the clothes didn’t matter. My style kinda got like…generic skater/tomboy/wannabe-punky/urban IDK I just wanted to wear stuff from the boys section. This lasted through college.


It wasn’t until I started working that my style evolved to where it is now. It started with the haircut and actually having money to buy quality stuff.
That, and I started actively learning about the rules of fit for menswear. I still put in some elements from my older style too though, just can’t give up hats..


3) I’ve been mistaken for a boy a lot actually. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy it a little bit, but I feel weird about it too.
I generally approach my style like I’m “cross-dressing,” but it feels natural to me so I don’t like to call it that.
I think I’d get more of a reaction out of people if I dressed like super girly though.

….Speaking of, I was nominated for “homecoming queen” in high school and got dolled up for it. I think I looked pretty good LOL


(yes that’s someone on my arm…we were just friends though jeez)

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  1. iron-lycan said: Oh bf you are so handsome like beautiful horse through the ages. Also you looked like the guitarist for Dragonforce with long hair
  2. bigfatbeckoningcat said: dreamy nostalgic sigh and generally uncomfortable staring in your direction.
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