Hello and Peace!
I'm Nafisah, or Tyshea on deviantART
I'm a Queer Chinese American Muslim artist.
You can call me Ty, Naf, Dye, or anything along those lines
I post my art sometimes,
but most of it goes on dA
You can also check out my art-only blog
Or buy my prints!

I post a lot of political/social stuff, so here's a [DISCLAIMER]

Blog also functions as an
art, fashion, & sexuality advice column,
so don't be shy!

I also have a blog for critiquing individual pictures, as well as storing my original tutorials

The Art of Self Care
On Gender Identity and
Sexual Orientation

I have met an angel and my life will never be the same

For A Good Time, Call Willam | An interview with William Belli

posted 1 year ago on 3/4/2013 with 456 notes
#william belli #fashion #drag queens #fantastic male specimen
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