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The “Curvy =/= Fat” Argument

Okay, excuse me a moment but I need to rant.

It’s obvious that curvy doesn’t always mean fat, but I don’t see why people always have to divide them. Curvy can be used as a euphemism for fat, which is negative because there’s no shame in being fat, but honestly? I find a lot of people use the argument because they don’t like to see fat bodies. Or curvy bodies that are “that” fat.
"She’s curvy, not fat!"

The thing is, a lot of fat bodies are curvy, and a lot of curves are actually made from the fat as well. Fat softens us up, makes parts of our body “curve”
Curvy doesn’t always mean “hourglass,” which is where I think a looooot of people get tripped up.

AND HONESTLY what is the harm of portraying predominantly fat girls in regards to “curvy” anyway?
Why do we have to constantly pit the two terms against each other?

I know a lot of fat girls who feel safer with the term “curvy”, and that’s fucking OKAY, because the world makes fat such a negative word.
Sure, it can be a negative thing and not as progressive as fat activists would like, but it’s a step, and people need to sit down and stop arguing about women’s bodies and how the fuck to classify them or validate them.

I’m not saying there aren’t thin, curvy women, but don’t try to ignore fat curvy women or push them out of the picture.

posted 1 year ago on 3/5/2013 with 76 notes
#rant #fat activism
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