Hello and Peace!
I'm Nafisah, or Tyshea on deviantART
I'm a Queer Chinese American Muslim artist.
You can call me Ty, Naf, Dye, or anything along those lines
I post my art sometimes,
but most of it goes on dA
You can also check out my art-only blog
Or buy my prints!

I post a lot of political/social stuff, so here's a [DISCLAIMER]

Blog also functions as an
art, fashion, & sexuality advice column,
so don't be shy!

I also have a blog for critiquing individual pictures, as well as storing my original tutorials

The Art of Self Care
On Gender Identity and
Sexual Orientation

I have met an angel and my life will never be the same

Gross means ‘I love you’

Me and Bee had been planning some characters for YET ANOTHER side project, and while developing them I drew these two next to each other and randomly shipped it and then we realized how unconventional but REALLY FITTING they are together and this happened. Shit.

Everyone say hi to Wen (inked up chick) and Adelaide (girl with the glasses).
Wen is a Horror book/movie nut with an inability to handle cute things and Adelaide (Wen calls her “Lady”) is a Romance book/movie nut that finds the fluffy happy side of any situation.
They’re both psychology majors and may or may not be magical girls, shh

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#my art #magical girls
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